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17, Jan 2017 [09:01:41 PM]

I went there once and i make hair treatment and manicure The saloon is more tha. Beautiful and I liked the hair treatment, but the manicure i didn't like it

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Mobile number: 66864220

Telephone number: 66867221


Area (Zone)
Al Waab

Working Times

Saturday     10:00am- 07:00pm       
Sunday     10:00am- 07:00pm       
Tuesday     10:00am- 07:00pm       
Wednesday     10:00am- 07:00pm       
Thursday     10:00am- 07:00pm       
Friday     11:00am- 08:00pm       



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Glow was established in 2007 by two Americans from Oregon State, Hillary & Mike Kozma, who also own and manage Glow. Hillary is a retired senior hair stylist, and focuses on running the business. She is very creative and applies this to all areas of the business. Mike works hard behind the scenes to run the business. He is an analytical visionary who is constantly dreaming of where to take the business next. Hillary & Mike have an incredible amount of love for this company. Together, anything is possible with this husband and wife team! We’re the first of its kind in Qatar. After the doors opened for business, we quickly established a great reputation for excellent services and customer service, and we have worked hard to maintain that reputation. Our future vision is to continue to grow and improve, and expand in the region and internationally. We believe in continuously evolving, improving and re-inventing. What You Can Expect Not just a service, but an experience. We hope to create a sense of “home” at Glow, a comfortable, friendly place where you are welcomed and showered with attention. We treat every customer as if she is a guest in our home. We want Glow to be a familiar place where you can retreat by yourself for renewal and balance or enjoy beautifying fun with a friend. The environment at Glow is unpretentious and down-to-earth, and we are ready to accommodate your wishes to make your experience at Glow a wonderful one. From the moment you arrive and kick off your heels to the moment you sashay out our door, we hope to wash away your stress with a hot or cold soothing beverage, take the edge off of your worries with chocolates, and help you take a deep breath and relax with personalized care. At the end of your visit, you will no doubt Glow from the inside, out.