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Mobile number: 33154075

Telephone number: 44177755


Area (Zone)
Al Qutaifiya

Working Times

Saturday     09:00am- 08:00pm       
Sunday     09:00am- 03:00pm       
Monday     09:00am- 08:00pm       
Tuesday     09:00am- 08:00pm       
Wednesday     09:00am- 08:00pm       
Thursday     09:00am- 08:00pm       
Friday     09:00am- 08:00pm       



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Anyone can be a hairdresser. But to be an educated, qualified, certified, hairdresser is another science in its own right. Whereas a great hairdresser can learn the techniques of cutting, brushing, styling, coloring and treating hair through practice, there is an inherent “Biology” at the root or head of this artful career. An art that although can be learned through practice, becomes even more exquisite when it is a mélange of both practice and science. Fadia El Mendelek, our hair stylist of the moment was brought up in Sweden and studied at Sjődals for 3 years in order to earn her degree as a Certified Hairdresser. She followed that up with a special exam that would license her to work professionally on an international scale and in Sweden. Her first 2 years of being a hairdresser saw her entering several European and national Swedish competitions that won her awards like the “Coupe d’Europe Award in Coloring Cutting and Styling” in addition to the “Men’s Haircut Award of Sweden”. With much potential on the horizon, Fadia started off her career in 2002. What started off as a “small stay in Lebanon” got her attached to both her clients and the Lebanese culture that craved a woman hairdresser’s touch for a change. And in spite of the 2006 war, she felt the need to stay and invest in her country rather than abroad. Her risk paid off, and she started her first branch on Zalka Highway in Lebanon, then opening a second salon in Verdun. Her many travels to Kuwait, Qatar, and the GCC made her take up the initiative to open a salon in Qatar in 2010 and launching two new branches at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Qatar IN January 2014 and another salon in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.